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About Desi911
Desi911 was born during the cold months of early 2007 alongside the Hudson River at Newport (Jersey City) as we were blaming the world on how it is a no-brainer and someone should deliver Indian groceries in Newport and New York area.

Valla... 2 weeks later I had first cut on our Desi911, Online Indian Grocery Delivery Service online store

It is simple!

(1) Pick your groceries and other items

(2) Click on checkout. Here you can see the total shipping cost. This shipping cost is calculated based on FedEx shipping rates

(3) Pay with your credit/debit card

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Welcome to Desi911, the online Indian grocery store!
We carry over 1500 grocery items as well as non-grocery items such as Mandir (Temple), Utensils, Cookbooks, Fruits and Vegetables.
Dairy, Milk / Yogurt / Cream, Butter/Cheese/Paneer
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Canned and Packet Subzi
Roti, Paratha, Naan
Ready To Eat, Soup, Khaman Dhokla, Mathia, Noodles, Dosa, Idli, Dahiwada, Dalwada
Besan, Bajari Flour, Rice Flour, Atta, Chapati Flour, Bhakhari Flour, Juvar Flour, Ondhava Flour, Sooji Flour, Sweetcorn Flour, Mathia Flour, Other Flour
Rice - Basmati,Masoori, Gujarat 17, Kernal, Ponni, Brown
Beans and Peas, Bajri, Corn, Samo, Urid, Chanadal, Toordal, Moongdal, Kabuli Chana, Masoordal, Urad Dal, Dalia, Whole Grain
Oils and Ghee
Seasoning, Grounded Spices, Whole Spices, Fish Masala, Meat Masala, Instant Masala, Saffron
Papad, Pastes, Sauces, Pulp, Syrup, Chutneys, Fruit Spread/Jam, Mango Pickles
Coffee, Others/ Nutritional, Juice, Soft Drinks, Tea
Cookies, Puffs, Rusks, Khakhara, Sev/Ganthiya, Mamara/Poha, Mix Farshan, Khari/Biscuits/toast, Chevado, Chips
Desserts & Sweets, Gulab Jamun
Almonds, Cashew, Dates, Peanuts, Pistachio, Raisins, Coconuts, Nuts
Coming Soon...

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