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Product Name Brand Packaging Price Qty
Almonds $8.97    
Almonds (SLICED-BLANCHED) $9.97    
Almonds Roasted (SALTED) $8.97    
Almonds Roasted (UNSALTED) $16.99    
Almonds Roasted -1 (UNSALTED) $8.97    
Amchur Powder $2.97    
Apricots (DRY) $4.97    
Apricots (TURKISH) $7.97    
Brazil Nuts $4.97    
Cashew Pieces $5.97    
Cashew Whole $8.97    
Coconut Dry Halved $3.97    
Coconut Dry Whole $3.97    
Cranberries (Sweetened) $4.97    
Cranberry Mix $8.97    
Dates (Dry) $2.97    
Dates Pitted $4.97    
Dates Pitted - CUP (Tunisian) $3.97    
Dry Fig $5.97    
Dry Fruit Mix $9.97    
Dry Plum $5.97    
Fig (California) $4.97    
Fig (Turkey) $2.97    
Hazelnuts (Turkish) $4.97    
Krinos Kalamata Crown Fig $4.97    
Mango Slice $3.97    
Munuka Raisins $4.97    
Peanuts (Jumbo) $2.97    
Peanuts (Skinless) $4.97    
Pecan Nuts $12.97    
Pine Nuts in Shell (Chilgoza) $12.97    
Pistachio Green (Raw) $11.97    
Pistachios Roasted (SALTED) $9.97    
Pistachios Roasted (UNSALTED) $9.97    
Prunes (Pitted) $4.97    
Raisins (Golden) $2.97    
Raisins (Green) $3.97    
Raisins (Natural) $5.97    
Raisins Black $3.97    
Raisins Black (ORGANIC) $11.97    
Sweet Pan Pasand Candy $2.97    
Walnuts $5.97    
Walnuts Whole (Shelled) $4.97    

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Dried fruits, are basically normal fruits which have their original water content removed, either by natural means, or via sun drying, or by the utilization of specialized dryer or dehydrators.

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