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Dahi Vada Recipe - South Indian Snacks

Dahi Vada Recipe - South Indian Snacks

Category: Snacks of North Indian

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes + Soaking Time (5to6 Hours)

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes + Soaking Time (20 Minutes)

Serves: 4 People







1 cup Split black gram, Washed and soaked 5-6 hours

Oil for frying

2 1/2 cups yogurt

2 Teaspoon salt

3 Teaspoon Sugar

2 Teaspoon roasted and powdered cumin seeds

2 Tablespoon chopped coriander leaves

1/4 Teaspoon Black Pepper powder

1/2 Teaspoon Red chilli powder

1 Teaspoon black rock salt

Chat ka masala for garnishing


Dahi Vada Recipe

Grind soaked dal to make smooth paste of it using electric grinder.

Heat the Oil in deep pan. In other side Mix Salt and dal paste to make a dal mixture.

Deep fry vadas in hot enough oil till become golden brown over medium flame. Transfer into the bowl of salted water for 20 Minutes. After that squeeze out the fried vadas.

Beat the yogurt to make smooth. Mix Sugar in it. Stir it till sugar dissolved.

In serving plate, Put squeezes fried Vadas. Coat it with Sweet and Smooth yogurt and sprinkle the rest of the cumin powdered, coriander leaves, Black Pepper powder, chilli powder, black salt and chat masala.

Dahi Vadas / Dahi Bhalle are ready to be served.

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