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10+ Surprisingly but Delicious Fusion Food in India

India is Famous for its fusion. Whether it is music or cooking, Indians always uses fusion to create something unique. Here we will talk about the delicious fusion in Indian cooking. There are various recipes that Indians make it using international fusion. We have included some of the recipes over here to test the desi tadka in videshi style.

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Delicious Fusion Foods In India

Delicious Fusion Foods in India

Ice-cream Pakoda

ICe Cream Pakoda

You must surprised with this dish, but this food is possible only in our Indian style cooking. A mouthwatering creamy ice-cream coated with flour and served to enjoy the finger licking taste. People enjoy taking spice of cream with sweet and caramelized ice-cream inside.

Cadbury Milkshakes, Pune

Cadbury Milkshakes

Cadbury is favorite chocolate of India. But its fusion recipe is even more interesting. Children enjoy drinking it. Cadbury slabs are poured into milk and grind into mixer. If you like you can use ice crème scoops or dry fruits after serving it in the glass.

Pan Masala Ice cream , Mumbai

Pan Masala Ice cream

Yes the hottest recipe is served as a chilled dish. You can enjoy chilly ice crème, ginger garlic ice crème, coriander ice crème is made with using Indian spices. This fusion food is most popular in Gujarat and Mumbai. Who loves to chill with chilly, this is the best recipe to enjoy.

Chocolate Pineapple Pizza, Ahmedabad

Chocolate Pineapple Pizza

The mouth melting is here to please the hunger. The all time hit pizza is fully loaded with sweet chocolates and pineapple slices. This is the delicious pizza for children who love pizza and chocolates. it is every time snack to remove the hunger in a minute.

Murukku Sandwich, Chennai

Murukku Sandwich

This sandwich is very popular as South Indian street food. The sandwich is made with small murukku covered with vegetable slices. It non-baked and grilled both options are available to enjoy fusion snack of Chennai.

Belgian Chili Chocolate at The Chocolate Room

Belgian Chili Chocolate

Belgian chili chocolate is a special chocolate to give a special after kick treatment to your mouth. Chili served in the Belgian chocolate to discover a unique taste of fusion. It’s now become very famous in India as a loved food to enjoy the spice with sweet. People do not control themselves by tearing eyes eating a sweet loaded with spice.

Rasam Paani Puri at South Indian

Rasam Paani Puri

Pani puri or gol gappa is the favorite street food in India. But in south India this is served in different style. Mostly crisp gol gappa bowl is filled with boiled potato and other spices while in South Indian this is served with Rasam. Rasam is made with various spices simmer in tomato gravy. Rasam is served in pani puri bowl topped with sev and onion and green chuttaney. You will find this rasam pani puri everywhere in the food corner of South India.

Various Items at Masala Library, Mumbai

Masala Library, Mumbai

If you want to earn the mouthwatering dishes you must try the items made with various spices of India. A western food is presented with Indian spices in excellent manner. For example, Gulab Jamun Carpaccio. Gulab jamun is a traditional Indian sweet is served with chilled ice crème topped with Pistachios and Macaron. Another fusion sweet is Ras Malai Tres leches. Ras malai is infused in whipped crème with delicious saffron milk. This is a perfect recipe for the sweet lovers to enjoy the mouth licking sweet in western style.

Spring Roll Ice Cream , Delhi

Spring Roll Ice Cream

Indians are addicted to spices. They always look for the recipe that adds different spice to food. Spring roll ice crème is the next generation recipe to allure the taste buds. Ice crème is served in the spring roll form to put the innovative recipe for food lovers.

Parle G Cheesecake, Delhi

Parle G Cheesecake

No bake cake is now in trend. Indians are smart and they make this recipe in the Indian style - Parle G Cheese Cake. Parle G biscuits are used as a bottom cake layer and the top layer is flattened with whipped crème and crème cheese. Lemon zest and orange zest on it gives it thy delicious taste.

Soyabean and Greanpea Sheperd’s Pie, Mumbai

Soyabean and Greanpea Sheperd’s pie, Mumbai

This is an incredible and healthy recipe to serve the less oil snack. Soyabean is full of protein and green pea is the best source of vitamin. This fusion is served in pie to make the delicious snack. Some avoid cheese and use olive oil pie to make a healthy version. This is an outstanding Indo-western recipe that mumbains love to eat anytime of the day.

Paneer Tacos, Mumbai

Paneer Tacos, Mumbai

If you wish to enjoy the Punjabi food into western dish, Paneer Tacos is the most loved snack. In India everyone wants to Indian spice in western food. That is why Panner Tacos is the best is most popular snack. Paneer cubes, capsicum, corn vegetabesare covered in the Mexican masala and served in the western chapatti Tacos or Tortila.

Tandoori Momos, Delhi

Tandoori Momos

Meat lovers especially adore it as the healthy recipe. Momos are grilled with exotic spice of Tandoori masala. Momos are tempered with tasty temptation to allure the non veg eaters.

Enjoy the Naanza, Delhi

Enjoy the Naanza, Delhi

Pizza lovers can enjoy Indian spices with delicioius food Naanza. Naanza is a naan that covered with marinated chicken and veggies baked with cheese. The Indian style pizza is a creation that every snack lovers love to eat.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, Delhi

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, Delhi

Cheese lovers will definitely enjoy this cheesy sweet. Gulab jamun is a traditional sweet that is poured in the Crème cheese to make the perfect fusion of cheese cake. This is highly inspirational sweet for the Indian who loves Indian sweets and cheese.

We appreciate the Indian food lovers and that is the reason we have come with Online Indian Grocery Online USA to get real spice of India. Here are all the fusions that is created by the Indians to get the western style food in Indian manner. Hope you like this article and share it with others too.

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